The Brief

In Depth Snowsports was a startup company founded by top snowboarding and skiing instructors. They spotted an opportunity to provide courses to help skiiers and boarders to pass their instructor exams. And while they were great teachers they knew that in order to promote their business they'd need a professional website. That's where our journey began.

Our Service

First on the agenda was a professional website. I helped them get setup with WordPress and chose a template that was modern and easy for them to update. As well as setting up the booking system and creating courses I also helped with customising the template to suit their needs. The main website content was created with their ideal customer base in mind of keen skiiers and snowboardings looking to turn their passion into a career opportunity.


"Curly Digital were easy to work with and understood our needs. Greg developed a website that was easy to use and update whenever we needed to create a new course. All in all a great experience right from the start."

Craig Nelder - In Depth Snowsports